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SmartPro Software - Hyundai / Kia 2023 - ADS2331 Smart Pro - D756916AD - ILCO - Advanced Diagnostics

Notice to the General Public:
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Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce a new update for ADS2331 Hyundai/Kia. The new update adds new capabilities to read the vehicle’s security PIN code. Some vehicles can be read diagnostically though OBD or by using a working key and the ADC245 Smart Aerial Plus.
What does the software do?
ADS2331 PIN Code Reading software works in conjunctions with ADS2321 Hyundai/Kia key programming software. ADS2331 adds the ability to read the vehicle’s security PIN code needed for programming bladed and proximity keys for select late model Hyundai and Kia vehicles. PIN codes can be read directly though the OBD for many previously unsupported models. This software also adds the ability to read the security PIN code from a working key while coupled with the ADC245 Smart Aerial Plus. Smart Aerial Plus will be connected to the Smart Pro via the gray USB cable for PIN code reading. For PIN code reading via ADC245 Smart Aerial Plus there will be instances where the vehicle will be needed for Snooping and other instances where the vehicle is not needed. These models are identified in the accompanying application list and in MYKEYS Pro.
ADS2331 update is available on Smart Pro only and requires access to the internet.
What else will I need?
- Smart Pro
- ADC245 Smart Aerial Plus