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5918997 - Ford Transponder "SA" 80-bit Key - Strattec - Ford Blue Oval logo - Fits many models - similar to 5913441 - Back in Stock

SKU S5918997
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Notice to the General Public:
Our Company only sells to Locksmiths, Car Repair Shops, Car Dealers, Towing, Restoration & Car Auction Companies. We do not sell to the general public. If your identity cannot be confirmed as falling into one of these groups, your order may be canceled without notice to you.
- New Ford Transponder Key for 2011+ models
- Ford Blue Oval logo
- Has the newer 80-bit chip inside to program the newer Fords. 
- Marked with "SA" on blade.
- Strattec 5918997
* Note:
If you have any doubt about what part to use, make sure you check with the dealer and have them run the VIN to get you the right part number. Remember, ultimately, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct part. Part numbers and FCC information has been researched and verified as best as possible. But no system is perfect or without errors. Car manufacturers’ part numbers and application guides contain mistakes of their own. Therefore, we cannot guarantee or warranty that the part we show for a particular vehicle is the absolute right one.