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Re-Program the Chip in the Immobilizer Control Box - Re-Flash

Notice to the General Public:
Our Company only sells to Locksmiths, Car Repair Shops, Car Dealers, Towing, Restoration & Car Auction Companies. We do not sell to the general public. If your identity cannot be confirmed as falling into one of these groups, your order may be canceled without notice to you.
This service is for Locksmith's only.
Now you have a solution when it comes to Acura, Honda, Lexus & Toyota's with transponder systems.
 We can "Re-Flash" the Immobilizer Control Box so it will accept new transponders keys when there are no keys available.  This is for the smaller Black Immobilizer boxes.
 - The cost of shipping back to you is your choice, ex: UPS Next Day, UPS 2-Day or UPS Ground.  Shipping is not included.
Here's what you need to do:
 1) Download the Authorization form and fill it out.
   Click Here for:  Authorization Form - PDF
 2) Send us the Acura, Honda, Lexus or Toyota Immobilizer Control Box, Authorization Form & insure it for a $250.
> Acura & Honda Models - 2 keys are included at this price. 1 Black & 1 Red Key.
> Lexus Models - TWO Generic keys are included at this price. 
> Toyota Models - TWO Generic keys are included at this price.
Send To:
 National Auto Lock Service, Inc.
180-B South Spruce Ave
South San Francisco, CA 94080
No Authorization form, No Re-Flash!!, No Exceptions to the rule.
This service is for Locksmith's only.