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Advanced Diagnostics ADC2020 New Emulator Cable For Ford Vehicles (D756922AD)

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Notice to the General Public:
Our Company only sells to Locksmiths, Car Repair Shops, Car Dealers, Towing, Restoration & Car Auction Companies. We do not sell to the general public. If your identity cannot be confirmed as falling into one of these groups, your order may be canceled without notice to you.

click here for PDF flyer for the AD Ford Cable ADC2020

Smart Pro Programmer & ADS2269 Ford software (or tokens) are required for use.
Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the new ADC2020 Emulator Cable that enables faster programming of replacement Ford proximity and bladed keys when the alarm is active, and no working key is available.
What does the ADC2020 emulator cable do?
ADC2020 Emulator cable works together with the Smart Pro and Advanced Diagnostics ADS2269 Ford software to emulate a working key in All Keys Lost situations and with an active alarm. Key data is read from the vehicle using the Smart Pro software and then written to the emulator which is connected directly to the Smart Pro via a USB cable. The emulator then mimics a working key for the vehicle, shutting down the active alarm, allowing additional keys to be programmed, all without the need of an existing, working key.
Why do I need ADC2020?
• Improves previous procedure for silencing active alarm
• Eliminates time wait after reading data
• No need to cover ultrasonic sensors to silence alarm