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ILCO, Advanced Diagnostics ADC2012 Cable for Smart Pro - for use on RFH Fiat & Jeep Immobilizer Systems - TT0411XXXX

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ADC-2012 Chrysler Cable  for the ADS-2272 Software Update.

Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of a new update for Chrysler 2018 ADS2272 key programming software.

What does the software do?

ADS2272 software allows proximity keys to be added, or programmed from a lost key situation and has been designed to bypass the pincode automatically in the background or to read the pin (varies for each system) making it a seamless process when programming keys or a very simple two-step process of reading the pincode and then programming the keys.

The connection to the vehicle is made using the ADC2012 cable, which connects directly to the RFH unit located in the vehicle (locations may vary between models).

Note: This software is available for Smart Pro only. No working key is required. All previous Applications used the ADC2011 Cable, the Applications in this update will require the NEW ADC2012 Cable.

This is a restricted product.
We only sell this product to Locksmiths & Auto Repossessors. If you are a new customer to us,we will require some additional information from you via email before we ship your order. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot verify your credentials.