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AUTOSMART ADVISOR for the Web - Full Web and Smartphone Version - New User or Renewal

This is the full Web version - which also includes the MyAutoSmart smartphone version also.

AutoSmart Advisor is sold as a 1 or 2 year subscription with automatic updates.

Features include:
- Access from almost any web browser - Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome.
- Works nicely on iPad with constant internet connection.
- New Transponder & Cloner Brand info section.
- Regular automatic updates.

- You'll have instant access to information, and best of's amazingly easy to use.

- Here are some of the features that will interest you:
Gives all information you need to service the vehicle. Shows available ASP and Strattec part numbers and labor time. Can be user customized with your own service call, labor and tax rates.

- Because it's from the creator of AutoSmart you get all methods to make the first key, plus: Code series Key machine set up information Tumbler chart Information on ignition retainers, progressioning, airbags, code locations, key silhouettes, Transponders, valet keys, all parts and model notes. Make your own user notes.

- AutoSmart Advisor does everything instantly and accurately. Now your computer is the best automotive tool you own! Plus, you can now accurately quote a job over the telephone in just seconds using the quick estimate button!

- It would be too difficult to try and remember every tidbit about every car, when you could just reach for the AUTOSMART!

- This is for a 1 or 2 year subscription with automatic updates.

- Requires PC or MAC with live internet connection.
- Supported browsers are Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome
- Screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768 or better is required, larger would be better.
- Sorry multi-user is not supported.
- Additional users are available for $100 each up to 8 users total.
- Software sales are restricted to North American customers only.
- Our software is intended for individual locksmith use and we do not allow commercial use of our software.

Note: Users can only access from their own geographical location.

We want every paid user to use our site as a resource for the latest automotive locksmith information. We do NOT allow account "sharing" and your account be will terminated with no refund, if caught.

• This is a restricted product.  
We only sell this product to Locksmiths & Auto Repossessors.  If you are a new customer to us, we will require some additional information from you via email before we ship your order. We reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot verify your credentials.