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Lexus & Toyota "80K" Series Space & Depth Guide Keys

• Lexus & Toyota 80K Code Series Space & Depth Guide Keys

• These space & depth guide keys were designed so that you could take a ordinary TOY40 blank and generate a working key that you could use to test in the door lock.

• Once a working key was made - you could then transfer the cuts to factory key using key adaptors that would properly hold the cut keys in your key machine vise.

• During the process of making your key you are only going to put cuts from the lock or code number onto one side of the key, which we will call the front side or combination side.

• Once you are done making the front side with the combination cuts - it will be necessary for you to mill down the back side of the key to fit into the lock. This is only necessary when using a TOY40 style key. The factory keys are already prepared on the back side.

• Includes color instructions.

• We also sell the key you see above in 5 packs for locksmiths who do not want to use an expensive factory key to test the locks & keys. But you will need a key adaptor to hold the key in your key machine vice.

click here for the Toyota 80K adaptor

click here for the Lexus 80K adaptor

click here for the Lexus & Toyota 80K Test Keys - 5pack