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SmartPro Software - Lexus Toyota - ADS2328 - for use with ADC2015 Emulator Cable

Lexus / Toyota 2022 ADS2328 Brochure - PDF - click here
• Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of new key programming software for select  Toyota and Lexus proximity models.  ADS2328 software adds functionality to the existing ADS2296 software by removing the need for NASTF and programs directly through the OBD2 port.  With the new ADC2015 Key Emulator Cable, the software also bypasses the 16-minute immobilizer reset time.  (ADC2015 Key Emulator Cable is sold separately.)
What does the software do?
• ADS2328 programs proximity keys for popular models for Toyota and Lexus.  Add key and Erase key functionalities are both available with the presence of an existing or new key.  The software bypasses the security PIN code and programs the remote and transponder at the same time in most cases.  All Keys Lost support has also been added with the use of the new ADC2015 Key Emulator Cable for previous vehicles where Add Key only was available. No working key is required when using ADC2015.  A working key will continue to be required for customers that do not have ADC2015.  Using ADC2015 in All Keys Lost scenarios allows the user to instantly add keys without the 16-minute immobilizer reset time and without removing existing keys from the system. 
• Owners of ADS2296 will retain the original functionality and not experience any changes. • Owners of ADS2328 will be given the option to use the ADC2015 Emulator cable for All Keys Lost, which removes the need for NASTF.  Without the ADC2015 Emulator cable, customers will still be able to bypass the need for NASTF, but All Keys Lost situations will still require the 16-minute wait.

Server Connection Required
ADS2328 software requires an internet connection to access the programming calculation using the proprietary Advanced Diagnostics Server. (Smart Pro must be connected to the internet via WiFi)
What else will I need?
• Smart Pro & ADC2015 Cable