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MVP & TCODE - Additional Spare Smart Card Calculator Unit (ADA-103)

Additional Spare Smart Card Calculator Unit (only)

  • How will it work ƒ?›

  • The smart card security system consists of a calculator and smart card.
    The smart card is required for each vehicle manufacturer after the system has been selected from the main vehicle menu.
    The tester will display a CHALLENGE code, to continue, the user must enter this code on the smartcard calculator.
    A corresponding RESPONSE code is then displayed on the smartcard calculator, which must be entered back into the tester. Providing the CHALLENGE/RESPONSE codes correspond, access to continue will be granted.
    After each RESPONSE code is given the smart card's uses count on the smart card will be reduced by one.

  • To protect the smart card and software the smart card has a number of security features built in as follows:

  • 1. Each smart card can be used a maximum of 5000 times.
    2. After 500 uses the smart card will need to be re-charged via the Advanced Diagnostics website The card has a total of 10 recharges providing the 5000 limit.
    3. Once the card has reached its 5000 limit, a new smart card will need to be used.
    4. The smart card is unique to each tester.
    5. The user has 55 seconds to enter the RESPONSE code. If it is not entered within this time then the tester will generate a new CHALLENGE code. This will continue to change every 55 seconds while no RESPONSE code is entered.
    6. The user will have 3 attempts to enter a correct RESPONSE code. After 3 incorrect RESPONSE codes the tester will have to be turned off and re-started.